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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is currently heralded as the "future of software". Since the industry is growing almost every day, it is extremely difficult to follow everything on a regular basis. Therefore, the content of this Wiki will focus on an index of four companies that consistently impact the SaaS landscape and are pioneers in the industry. The "SaaS 4" Index is based off of's "SaaS 20 Index" and includes: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and SalesForce.

In addition to providing you with background information on Software-as-a-Service and the SaaS 4, the purpose of this Wiki is to help you become aware of current events of the Software-as-a-Service industry, offer a set of SaaS related RSS Feeds to read, and evaluate a set of resources to help you follow the Software-as-a-Service industry going forward. You can use this research tutorial to understand how to use a variety of online tools to keep up-to-date with the industry.

Current Events

Added Title
05 Dec 2008 20:51 Windows Live Timeline Revealed
05 Dec 2008 20:50 Microsoft Hires Yahoo Vet to Run Online Services Group
03 Dec 2008 20:04 Google Maps Newspaper Job Losses
02 Dec 2008 22:44 gOS for Netbooks
02 Dec 2008 22:43 Google Calendar Gets iCal Support
02 Dec 2008 22:42 Windows Live Wave 3 Official Launch
02 Dec 2008 22:39 New Windows Live Starts To Go Live
02 Dec 2008 22:38 Trends from Google Base
02 Dec 2008 22:37 Amazon SimpleDB Beta Released
01 Dec 2008 17:18 Chrome Gets Bookmark Control
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SaaS Blog

Last edited Title
01 Dec 2008 03:47 Beyond Google
10 Nov 2008 03:58 The SaaS Search Engine
14 Oct 2008 03:47 Using the "Deep Web" To Find SaaS Industry Statistics
30 Sep 2008 15:21 SaaS Stocks Not Immune to Market Earthquake
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