The Deep Web

Please Note: The following resource evaluations are based off "Using the Deep Web to Find SaaS Growth Statistics"

Frequency: Once
Information: Google Scholar tries to search the Deep Web (scholarly journals and other databases) for information. However, Google Scholar does not provide us with where they search.
Query: (intitle:"software as a service" growth) or (intitle:"software as a service" adoption)
Evaluation: Google Scholar didn't turn out so well and I am hoping this isn't the case for my next two searches. The first ten results did not yield anything. Zilch. I found some really good information on How SaaS is Delivered, The User Experience of SaaS Apps, and Pricing Models for SaaS. But nothing on what I was looking for. Score: 0/10
Misc: I cannot believe Google supports this product. They can hide behind the "Beta" excuse all they want, but Scholar is an utter failure.

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