Frequency: Twice
Information: Mahalo is a repository for facts and news about different topics. It is the kind of directory that creates separate pages for different topics (general or specific) instead of just a list of sites about a general industry or category. It is also a place to find news and read a Live Blog about what's going on the world.
Query: Microsoft, Amazon, Software as a Service, Google
Evaluation: Mahalo was an excellent resource! The information in each of the pages above was helpful, comprehensive, and very wel organized. I particularly liked the timeline feature - it was not too long but avoided making me wonder "am I missing anything important?" The related pages section helped me branch out and find new information that I was interested in. The built-in stock price chart for public companies is a nice perk as well. What really keeps Mahalo from being perfect is the fact the news/blogs sections of each page are mostly older posts. I would have liked to see something more updated. Score: 9.5/10
Miscellaneous: Mahalo pages are really like a supercharged Wikipedia page. While a Wikipedia page is a good starting point for learning about a topic, the Mahalo pages actually point me in the right direction to expand upon the general knowledge its pages provide. However, once you visit Mahalo, find the pages you like, and take advantage of them, there is little reason to go back until you are looking for a different topic.

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