E-Mail Alerts

Access: http://alerts.yahoo.com
Frequency: 3-4 Times a Week
Information: Yahoo! Alerts lets you choose a query/keyword that you would like Yahoo! to e-mail about when there is new news related to that keyword/query. It sends the top one or two "most relevant" items in the e-mail and provides a link to see any addition ones.
Query: "software-as-a-service" OR "saas"
Evaluation: This Yahoo! Alert has been active since the middle of October. Literally, there has not been one useful/relevant link until December 1st (Gartner Survey Says 90% of Businesses Using SaaS Products Expected to Maintain or Grow SaaS Usage). The other articles were typically very slimly related to SaaS but the articles themselves were "random". Receiving information in such a passive way has been really unhelpful and I highly recommend using more active approaches (finding RSS feeds, creating a Pipe, using directories and Deep Web tools, etc). Score: 2/10
Misc: Below is a screenshot of what the Yahoo! Alerts e-mail looks like.


As discussed on the resources page, e-mail alerts are unnecessary for this topic as all the necessary information can be tracked using RSS feeds or Yahoo Pipes. However, for the sake of evaluating an E-mail Alert, I created one Yahoo Alerts alert to test it out.

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