Page Monitors

Frequency: Three times a week
Information: Yahoo Pipes is ane extremely advanced tool that lets you mesh together a whole array of content feeds (RSS Feeds, Yahoo Searches, etc), filter then using many different operators, and then review the results.
Query: N/A - Two pipes for Software-as-a-Service and Google Apps
Evaluation: Yahoo Pipes is an absolutely astounding search tool. Once one fully understands how to use it and spends a few hours crafting a Pipe, the results can be astronomically beneficial. Imagine a program that can comb through 50+ data feeds and create a set of results custom to your needs. That is what Yahoo Pipes does and has done for me (with less feeds). Some good information found: Ray Ozzie's Internet Services Disruption Memo and The Risks and Rewards of Using Google Apps. Score: 10/10
Misc: It is much easier to start by modifying an existing Pipe than trying to create your own. Creating a good Pipe is like learning to create a good software program - it is pretty basic to make a simple program, but you must learn a whole language to create something really useful.


Yahoo pipes was the only Page Monitor program I used and really cannot be considered a page monitor as much as it as a feed filter. Based on the topic of SaaS, and specifically looking at the SaaS 4 companies, there were not a lot of pages that needed to be "monitored". All four companies had press release pages that were RSS-feed capable. All the information necessary could be received from RSS feeds and other forms of search.

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