Frequency: 3 Times per Day
Information: Bloglines is an RSS feed reader that lets you save, manage, and view all your RSS feeds.
Query: N/A
Evaluation: Bloglines is one of the most useful tools to use and definitely my favorite RSS Feed manager. It is very helpful to be able to login and see how many new posts were made throughout my saved feeds. Before Bloglines, I typically forgot to reed even my favorite RSS feeds and it was always a hassle to visit each one individually. Bloglines saves you a lot of time and has a lot of good features to create and manage your feeds. There are a ton of features on Bloglines that I have yet to explore, which is a testament to its depth of services. I wish Bloglines could add a feature where it could recommend blogs based on what you save in your accounts. Score: 9.5/10
Miscellaneous: There are lot of different RSS feed readers out there, but Bloglines should be the first one to think of using based on its ease-of-use and combination of blog search and feed management.

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