Frequency: 10+ Times per Day
Information: Google, Yahoo, and Live are great resources for beginner searches, but is a very powerful tool once you learn to use advanced search techniques. The ability to search for specific information that appears in a websites title and url or is part of a specific domain makes searching more efficient and effective.
Query: Many (example - intitle:"amazon" ("web services" OR S3) -rainforest)
Evaluation: In all fairness, all three of these tools should be rated a 5 out of 10. As the world's most used search tool, it is only appropriate that Google is used as a "base" to rate other search tools/techniques. Although Google is helpful, there are definitely tools out there that are better at finding specific information or serving a certain purpose; nevertheless, there are an equal number of tools that simply confuse and frustrate its users.
Miscellaneous: Google, Yahoo, and Live are great starting points for search and lets you search the web, news, images, and video all in one place. However, even with advanced syntax usage, they are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to online search. I recommend using Google for general web search, Yahoo for news search, and Live for image search - as each seems to excel in those specific areas. Don't be afraid to explore all the other tools available!

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